Boozin’ for a Bruisin’


It’s never too late in the month/year to add a goal to the list. This one definitely makes the list for a couple of reasons. Most of my challenges/goals thus far have not been all that challenging. Since I am frugal by nature, my usual goals such as “not eating out at lunch” are not as difficult as they are fun.

After a nasty hangover and a subsequent series of realizations, I’ve come to a challenge to add to my April goals that will actually be challenging. Quit drinking. Yes, we are halfway through April. But it’s April and it’s sunny, and there are festivals, and good fall brews galore, and patios to sit on, etc so I must start small. Wait, I forgot to mention I live in Atlanta so Sweetwater is everywhere. It’s really just cruel.

With all of that being said, I do live in Atlanta, and there are patios to sit on, and festivals, etc. all of which I can still enjoy with a nice cold…water. This statement is made easier by this nice calculator. 

Yes, it is just a calculator so you can do the same thing on your TI-83. BUT, for some reason I plugged the numbers into this online calculator instead and WOW. The numbers didn’t lie. Not only do I drink alot, but I spend even more. There really is nothing like filling in the little boxes with the number of drinks you consume in a sitting or a week to make you open your eyes to what a money pit drinking can be.

Not to mention all of the empty calories, ew.

So in the spirit of simplicity, frugality, and enjoying the finer things in life, I declare this No Alcohol April. Cheers!

-Sober Sally