You Are Paying Too Much for Your Cell Phone


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Do you know that feeling when you’ve discovered something that is actually a good product or service and you want to share the news with everyone? In my voyage to cut costs and save money I have found one of these.

Before Ting, I was paying over $95 a month for my cell phone bill. The funny thing is that I sit next to a land line 5 days a week and also have a company paid cell phone. I could non longer justify paying for two phones but the idea of losing my personal number was kind of risky to me. I would have to inform everyone of my new number and I may not be with my current employer forever.  I started to do some research.

In summary, Ting is a pay for what you use cell phone carrier. The pricing structure is fairly straightforward and  they provide a handy calculator to take out of the guesswork of what you would truly save by switching to Ting. In my case, My bill is on average $25 a month.

I would  consider myself a heavy internet user but my savings advantage is that I am almost always near a wifi connection so I save by not using data when I can avoid it. My number was ported in from Sprint with ease and I still have the advantage of a reliable network as Ting uses the Sprint network. This includes 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE.

Not to mention, they pay a portion of your ETF fees from your previous provider. This coupled with the  impressive savings was enough for me to terminate my plan more than 6 months early. I was able to break even (including the price of a new cell phone) after three months.

So what’s the catch? Some may say it is the fact that they do not subsidize their cell phones so you have to purchase a compatible phone for full price. This also means that you are not locked into any contract. Not to mention they have an great online community of buyers and sellers of Ting compatible cell phones.

For me the thing that stands out the most with Ting is their Customer Service. It is by far the most impressive customer service I have experienced in a long time. I have yet to call and experience more than one ring before I am connected to a friendly representative who is clearly trained and happy to be doing what they are doing. After each of my phone calls I have received a personal email from the person I just spoke with summarizing the call and offering their further assistance should I need it.

All in all, I give Ting 5 stars. I am saving $70 a month for the EXACT same coverage that I was receiving before.




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