Gym-Pact App Review

Despite my frugal ways, there is one avenue that I have always splurged on. I consider it my hobby and one that keeps me young and in shape. I am pretty obsessed with outdoor athletics and therefore I am always finding myself shelling out cash to keep up the lifestyle. It is for this reason that I was pretty ecstatic when the app called Gym-Pact became available on Android devices.

It is simple to use and actually pays you to do what you hopefully already do, take care of your body! Once you’ve installed the app and registered for a free account, you commit to how many days you are going to work out (your “Pact”). All you have to do is “check-in” at your gym, or you can pair it with Runkeeper, and the app uses your GPS location to confirm that you are indeed working out.

The only catch is that you have to follow through on your pact. If you don’t, this can be an extremely expensive app. Your pact determines how much money you forfeit from your linked credit account if you don’t work out the number of days per week that you committed to. My current pact is to work out five days a weeks with a $5 a day penalty if I don’t meet my goal. If you meet your pact, you get a portion of the money that other Gym-Pact users lost for not meeting their pact. Going on vacation? No problem, you can easily set up a break. What’s better is that Gym-Pact is a great company and with a great support team to help you with any issues you may have.

Now I’m not so sure how this works as a motivational tool for someone who doesn’t work out, but for me, it is just a little icing on the cake for something that I already love doing. The weekly payouts are not significant, usually a couple of bucks, but as anyone reading a PF blog knows, every penny counts.


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