March Goals – Two Posts, One Day

I’m going to try to make a habit of posting goals once at the beginning of the month as well as a summary/recap at the end of the month. Let’s start with what I’d like to accomplish this month.


  • Purge 100 items- The challenge is to find 100 items in my house that I can either sell or give away. This sounds daunting but trust me when I say that it will be extremely easy. When you’re done and have the reward of extra cash and space, you will probably want to do it again. At the end of the month I will post my results. There are no limitations, no item too big or too small. Just keep track or any proceeds you make and share in the comments!
  • No eating out during the week- Now to some people, this sounds like torture. Why sacrifice the convenience and luxury of eating out? Well, no matter how much you make, all of these occurrences add up. And if you’re like me they add up to the tune of $300-$500 dollars a month. That is crazy! How did I ever manage to accumulate any wealth with habits like this? Even if you’re goal is not to build wealth, think of all the things you could do with that amount of freed up cash PER MONTH. It’s only been a week in and I’m already planning on doing it again next month. With a little planning it is really quite easy. I will share in my month-end post what my results are. I may even post a lower weight since it seems I am eating much healthier and smaller portions. It’s a win-win!
  • invest $2000 of income in taxable accounts- I currently hold several accounts from low maintenance Betterment to hands-on peer-to-peer sites such as Part of my investment strategy is to build a passive income stream. I’m using Betterment as a means to save for a rental house(1st form of passive income). is slowly accumulating a balance by way of recurring payments. I’d eventually like to get $100-$200 monthly payments out of this account. I’m using what’s left over from my monthly income to build these accounts.

Wish me luck! I will post results in April but hopefully after all is said and done my net worth will be +2000-3000 after one month of hard work!


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